The Gallery 4 presents
"SALON SHOW 2017" Our Annual Group Exhibition & Competition

"Salon Show 2017" Opens Saturday,  May 13th,  2017 and runs through Saturday,  June 24th,  2017 at The Gallery 4 (206 S. Highland Ave., Shadyside,  412-363-5050). The Opening Reception will  take place Saturday,  May 13th,  2017  from 7pm-11pm and will be opened to the general public with complimentary refreshments and cocktails provided by The Gallery 4. The Gallery 4 is open Tuesday through Saturday 1- 8PM .

Please join The Gallery 4 for our Seventh annual Salon Show! Featuring a fresh batch of artists from a variety of media and disciplines. It will be a wonderful evening of celebrating, networking and enjoying some wonderful new talents! With cocktails and refreshments courtesy of The Gallery 4.

After reviewing hundreds of submissions,The Gallery 4 is pleased to announce our "2017 Salon Show" Artists!

This years exhibit will showcase the following artists:

Angela Biederman • Theodore Bolha • Larry Brandstetter
Ana Rodríguez Castillo • Larry Cuddy • Chris Fuller
Ciara Gray • Gerardo Garduño • Heather Heitzenrater
Megan Herwig • Kate Joyce • Diane Keane
LESLA • Michael Lies • Mark Lysowski
Anthony J. Marbella • Shane Martin • Ben Patterson
Michael Schiavone • Martin Thomas Smyczek II • Laura Sprunk

Thank you so much to everyone who participated! Please join us in celebrating this new collection from a variety of hand selected artists!

within the reach of everyone, and at The Gallery 4 we are making this a reality.

"Tunnel Vision"

"Nasturtium Leaves I Never Ate"

"Fantasy Bricks 2"

“You Had Me at Woof”


“Purple Heart”

“Stairway to Heaven”


“13-Year Hatch”


“The World’s Greatest Show”


"Brooding Cascade"

“Wild and Lonely Land”

"Clamps Table”

"Pulley Pedestal"

“Death of a Bibliophiliac”

"Women of the U.S."

“Atomic Web #5”

“Sweet Chastity”


"Pomona & Faun"

"Let's Remember"

"Let's Adapt"

"Tarot: The Cards Know"

"The Palm Reader"


“Fantasy Bricks 2”