The Gallery 4 presents “An Occasional Dream” New Media Interactive Works by Erin Ko

The ARTIST'S RECEPTION for "An Occasional Dream" WILL TAKE PLACE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11th 2015 at The Gallery 4 (206 S. Highland Ave, Shadyside, 412-363-5050) from 6 -10pm and will be opened to the general public with complimentary refreshments and beverages provided by The Gallery 4. "An Occasional Dream" continues now through December 30th 2015. The Gallery 4 is open Tuesday through Saturday 1pm- 8pm.

The Gallery 4 is very pleased to welcome back Erin Ko. Many of you will recall Ko’s debut exhibition at The Gallery 4 - 2013’s critically acclaimed and commercially successful, “PRESENT.”

Ko’s unique interactive work combines communication and digital design with traditional media to address the ongoing commentary between technology and the modern human condition.

With over 10 years of professional experience in game design and interactive media, Ko employs augmented reality, smartphone and web media to fully saturate the viewer in her avant-contemporary method of storytelling.

Focusing on themes of mediated reality, layered experience, transcendence through technology, creative collective, and digital privilege; voyeurs are invited to engage works via their smart phones and other devices; to not only explore, but to become a reciprocal part of the work.

"An Occasional Dream" focuses on Ko's techno-socio mantra, “connected but separate” - The interactor as astronaut: via our ‘spacesuits’, devices, and services. Included in this exhibition are pieces from two of Ko’s most recent collections: “Walkabout” and “Nascent.”

The “Walkabout” and “Nascent” series use a free smartphone app (eKo Art 2015 , download links below). When viewed through the phone, the “Walkabout” collages shows 3D animating spheres and "clickbait"(absurd headlines), which is taken from the web in real time. “Clickbait must be one of the most preposterous distractions in human history,” muses Ko, “To have the gross ("12 U.S. Presidents, in order of hotness!" ,"Which Pizza topping is your personality?", "This Gorilla Is So Handsome,Women Are Flocking To The Zoo To See Him",) thrown at us over the visually seductive is a fundamental part of our current relationship with the internet, social media, and technology.” This sense of irony and subversiveness permeates Ko’s artistic vision. With “Nascent” we are treated to psychedelic images of the Astronaut figure enacting the practice of mudras (sacred hand gestures), mirroring our attempts at connecting with something bigger than ourselves. When viewed using Ko’s phone app, the collage shows 3D “data cylinders” and “mirror selfies”, pulled from the web in real time.

As the real world and virtual world continue to overlap, interfere, challenge, and play with each other; the line between the two rapidly blurring - how will we reconcile the two as they advance closer toward eclipsing? Will the tangible sensation and the implied perception become nearly inseparable? Will “reality” become a blip between a greater virtual construct? Big questions. Luckily for us, Ko presents a beautiful dream for any occasion.

Note: Visitors from the future are invited to examine shattered fragments of our Occasional Dream. Please download free viewing tools from the Apple App Store or Google Play, or use the complementary devices we provide. Explore the space, An Occasional Dream, real and virtual.


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Ko, on "An Occasional Dream” -

“Future and ancient, natural and artificial, seductive and scary; our strange and modern lives are driven by juxtaposition and synthesis. To live in the “now” is to live in a strange and surreal state of being. Reality has subsumed fantasy, life imitates art and vice-versa with a whole new level of intensity; together we ride this roller coaster feedback loop.

There is no such thing as science fiction; all our stories, dreams, beliefs are are simultaneously true and entirely delusional.”



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“An Occasional Dream”

“Daibutsu I”

“Diabutsu II”

“Diabutsu III”

“Disconnected 2015 001”

“Disconnected 2015 002”

“Disconnected 2015 003”

“Disconnected 2015 004”

“Free Fall I”

“Free Fall II”

“Life on Mars”

“Mediation I”

“Moonage Daydream”



“Somewhat Slightly Dazed”


“The Search”