"Genexodus" A Paper Cutting Show by Theodore Bolha

"Genexodus" opens Saturday, January 5th, 2013 and runs through Saturday, January 26h, 2013 at The Gallery 4. The opening reception will take place Saturday, January 5th, 2013 from 7-11PM and will be opened to the general public with complimentary refreshments and hors d'oeuvres provided by The Gallery 4. The Gallery 4 is open Tuesday through Saturday 1- 8PM .

Theodore Bolha is a native Pennsylvanian from Westmoreland county; born 1980 in Latrobe. At a very young age, Theodore was mesmerized by watching his mother sketch flora and fauna from memory. This experience fostered a creator/creative relationship in Bolha's blossoming mind. Around the age of nine, he taught himself basic human and animal anatomy and decided in his early teen years that he would pursue a living in art.
After graduating from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor's degree studying graphic design, Bolha worked as a freelance designer and then as a full time designer for a local safety company. Then, in 2008, Theodore decided it was time for a dramatic change - a change that would eventually lead him to discover his talent for paper cutting and it's efficacy as his new medium.

Although this is Bolha's first solo exhibition; his proficiency in transforming a plain parchment with delicate incisions is unparalleled. With boundless patience, Theodore sculpts immaculate silhouettes of vining plant roots, lively animals, and sinuous nerve endings using only his hand and a razor. Delicate, complicated patterns and repeating fractals dance from his blade, and with the addition of a light source, disperse these labyrinthine figures in luminous splendor. As these remarkable pieces are hand-cut and one of a kind, chance and skill play a dynamic role in the finished piece - mistakes aren't part of the process; but rather adaptation, natural selection. And thus, "Genexodus" becomes the culmination of Theodore's love of nature, his striking finesse with a stylet, and the realization of images possessed by a meditative aura nearing psychedelic.

Bolha, on the works:

“The title 'Genexodus' came to me after realizing that the body of work I had accumulated is all loosely based on my thoughts and feelings of how things change; the process of entropy – how all things depend on the deconstruction of another, the same way I deconstruct a piece of paper to create. In this fashion, the use of the words genesis and exodus (combined) doesn’t imply religious connotations alone; but while I cut I go into a meditative state and that has become something akin to religion for me.”

“The paper cut titled Flora Fauna features a dear skull (among other pareidolia one might perceive) set amongst a swirling blaze of growth that near completely consumes it from sight – also the most time consuming piece I’ve done to date. Working on the piece, I was transported to a frame of mind that could be described as prehistoric. That’s where the light sculptures come in - they remind me of what it must have been like to see the fire’s light playing on the walls of caves while those people began to articulate their world through images.”


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Select Images from A Paper Cutting Show:

"Moths in the Moon Lights" (lamp)

"Wave Lift" (lamp)

"Directional Tetrahedron" (lamp)

"Metamorphosis" (lamp)


"To Separate"

"Owl" (lamp)

"The Way the Wind Blows" (lamp)

"Flora Fauna"

"It’s Only Paper"

"Bee, Leaf"

"Providing Shade for a Myth"


"Into the Coil" (lamp)

"Slow Fall" (lamp)

"TriMangle" (lamp)

"Grieving Tree"


"The Dodeccaheedron"







"Rabbit with Ladders"

"The Crown"