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Puzzlereich: Prince of the Tesselates by Chris Smith

Chris Martin Smith was born in Buffalo, New York in 1980. In high school, he attended the Buffalo Academy for the Visual & Performing Arts, majoring in Visual Art. In his senior year, he was accepted and attended the New York State Summer School of the Arts at Cazenovia College, Cazenovia, NY. He earned college credits while studying printmaking & painting.

Chris began study at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the fall quarter of 1998, mostly pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. After college, Chris got the amazing opportunity to develop the Exhibit Design Department at The Carnegie Museum of Natural History; thoughtfully designing exhibits, signage, identity and interfaces for displays within the historic museum. Some of the more notable installations include: the newly renovated Dinosaur Hall (Dinosaurs In Their Time), Stuffed Animals (a massive taxidermy exhibit), and the Bicentennial Lewis & Clark presentation. Chris got a chance to participate in DinoMite Days, a city-wide art event using cast dinosaurs sponsored by The Carnegie Museum. Chris's "Historapod," was a high design, street art-inspired Stegosaurus which merited display at PPG Place and was auctioned to a private buyer.

After 9 years of service at The Museum, Chris continues to undertake a wide variety of freelance projects with his side company, The Congruent, alongside talented artists & best friend(s) Brian Warner & Eric Moresea. Chris also does a significant amount of design work for a score of talented musicians and performers: Vulture, Invader, Moths, Grisly Amputation, Killer of Sheep, Storm King, Complete Failure, Mockingbird, Hero Destroyed, Deceased, Parade of the Lifeless, Entropy, Stone Cold Killer and(prior to its adjourn) his own band Gigantis; to name a few. His love for music, art, and design, as well as educational and exhibit-related work allows him to pursue both paths comfortably.

With "Stuff To Look At," we witness a twisting panopticon of Smith's prolific work. The depth of each piece is not due to any prescribed meaning or appointed story - He leaves the storytelling to the viewer, similar to the creation of mental images while reading a book…only in reverse order.
Smith is also known by his artist name "BURZUM". You can view more of Chris' works at and his continuing science/technology related work at

Chris currently resides in Lawrenceville with fiance Janet Jackson.

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