Past Exhibition

Demons & Deities: Oil Paintings by Shervin Iranshahr

The Gallery 4 presents Demons & Deities: Oil Paintings by Shervin Iranshahr.

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The opening reception for Demons & Deities will take place Saturday, April 2, 2011 from 7-11PM.
Complimentary refreshments and hors d'oeuvres will be provided by The Gallery 4. The opening is open to the general public.

Shervin Iranshahr is a nationally acclaimed and prolific artist living in Pittsburgh PA. Shervin was born in Iran and has lived in Vienna. His intricate technique driven oils reflect a complicated body of work that draw from wide cultural and symbolic sources. The pieces smolder with deep, dark intensity. A thorough grasp of form and anatomy and the transmission of complex and often times horrific narratives - through light, expression and shadow; can be seen in the cinders rising out of the teeth of a huntress or in the dying light of a teardrop. These surreal and visceral works are a world haunted by raw emotion. And the viewer is not left unscathed.

Shervin moved here from Los Angeles CA in 2006. In L.A., Shervin helped nourish the southern California Lowbrow art community by way of a creative collective known as Cannibal Flower. The group, consisting of unrepresented and unknown artists, musicians, and performers; gained exposure to cultural peers through one- night only "art raves." Curating, promoting, and participating in these underground events helped cultivate and 'refine' Shervin's ideas and technique.

Shortly after moving to Pittsburgh, Shervin co-founded "The Academy of the South Side" (ASS), an intensive and methodical oil painting school, with fellow artists and Pittsburgh natives Tim Meehan and Dan Vogel in partnership with the Brew House community in Pittsburgh's South Side. Living in Pittsburgh and being engulfed by the wide creative world has helped Shervin's ideas and projects grow and flourish. His pieces not only speak for themselves - they roar, they cry out, bite, scratch and gnaw. Shervin is a welcome fire whose embers are perfect for a town that burns in a different way.