Current Exhibition

"SPACE AVAILABLE" A final presentation of various works by select artists from our history of exhibitions.
Exhibit beginning 2.2.18

Past Exhibitions

"Doors & Windows" New Works by Gerardo Garduño
Exhibits from 11.11.17 to 12.02.17

"SCAVENGERS" New Paintings by Seth Storck
Exhibits from 08.19.17 to 11.04.17

"Vivid Visions" The Vibrant Colors of Marion Di Quinzio
Exhibit starts 07.01.17

The Gallery 4 Salon Show 2017 Featuring Submissions from New Artists and Returning Favorites!
Exhibit starts 5.13.17

“Soul & Onward" New Works by Joe Perry
Exhibit starts 1.14.17

“R|EVOLVE" New Works by Crystal Latimer
Exhibit starts 1.14.17

“What's Next?” New Works by Schmiedlin
Exhibit starts 11.5.16

“LIVE WIRES” New Metal Sculptures by Dino Deluliis
Exhibit starts 8.13.16

“Full Spectrum Ahead” with Marion Di Quinzio & Carolyn Frischling
Exhibit starts 6.11.16

The Gallery 4 Salon Show 2016 Featuring Submissions from New Artists and Returning Favorites!
Exhibit starts 4.9.16

Exhibit starts 3.5.16

“Redfishbowl Collective Artists' Showcase Recent Works from the Redfishbowl Collective
Exhibit starts 1.9.16

“An Occasional Dream” New Media Interactive Works with Returning Erin Ko
Exhibit starts 11.7.15

“Stranded In the Underworld” with Brian Holderman & Jeremy Beightol
Exhibit starts 8.8.15

New Paintings by The Gallery 4 Favorite Marlana Adele Vassar (OPENING RECEPTION July 11th)
Exhibit starts 7.4.15

Thoughts & Feelings with Ben Patterson
Exhibit starts 6.6.15

100 Flowers Bloomed New & Old Works by Brian Gonnella
Exhibit starts 5.2.15

The Gallery 4 Salon Show 2015 Featuring Submissions from New Artists and Returning Favorites!
Exhibit starts 4.4.15

"Echoroad" New Sequential Art and Comic Book Release with the Masterful Leslie Minnis
Exhibit starts 3.7.15

EXTENDED! "Quintessence" Pieces from the Collection of The Gallery 4 Celebrating Our FIFTH Anniversary
Exhibit Starts 2.7.15

Trip In/ On Neon with Gabe Felice
Exhibits Starts 12.6.14

Wild Abandon with Jason Woolslare
Exhibits Starts 11.1.14

Ancient Gods and Hidden Worlds by Hannah Grace Clark
Exhibits Starts 9.6.14

Once Again Calm by Thomas Frontini
Exhibits Starts 8.2.14

"Chainsaw Show" by Anthony Purcell
Exhibits Starts 7.5.14

RAW Artists Pittsburgh Regional Winner 2013, "With the Grain" Recent Works by Ashley Hickey
Exhibits Starts 6.7.14

On The Prowl by Keith Schmiedlin
Exhibits Starts 5.3.14

The Gallery 4 Presents SALON SHOW 2014!
Exhibits Starts 4.5.14

"Dancing Color" Paintings by Marion Di Quinzio
Exhibits Starts 3.1.14

"Dwellings" Little Worlds by Ryder Henry
Exhibits Starts 1.4.14 - Extended til 2.22.14

"PRESENT" New Media Interactive Works by Erin Ko
Exhibits Starts 12.7.13

"In Medias Res" by Marlana Vassar
Exhibits Starts 11.2.13

"Migration" by Shawn Roberts
Exhibits Starts 10.5.13

"Elementals" by Matt Hunter and Gabrielle Fisher
Exhibits Starts 9.7.13

"Ghost Feeding Arena" Recent Works by Leslie Minnis
Opening Reception 8.3.13

"Kawaii Wa" The Code of Cuteness by Hiromi Ikeda
Opening Reception 7.6.13

"Sweet Mortality" by the world-renowned Scott Hove
Opening Reception 6.1.13

"Toys in the Attic" by Alessandra Sulpy
Opening Reception 5.4.13

Salon Show 2013
Opening Reception 4.6.13

All the Years Combined
Original Lithographs from the Vault by Legendary Guitarist of The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia
Opening Reception 3.2.13

"Genexodus" A Paper Cutting Show by Theodore Bolha
Opening Reception 1.5.13

"The Sepia Show" New Works by Anthony Purcell
Opening Reception 12.1.12

"Silver Bullet" by Brian Holderman
Opening Reception 11.3..12

It's a Long Way to the Top: by Michael Walsh and Sean Barton
Opening Reception 10.6.12

Allegory & Archetypes: Retrospective Works by Chris Savido
Opening Reception 9.8.12

Rants, Rambles, Cries & Quotes: by Mike Bartek
Opening Reception 8.4.12

MAD vs. Cancer Benefit

Strange Wonderland: New Works by Nat Chamberlin
Opening Reception 7.7.12 - 7.28.12

Layers: New Works by Miller McCormick
Opening Reception 6.8.12, 7-11PM - 7.30.12

The Hunter-Fischer Gathering: Collaborative Works by Matt Hunter and Gabrielle Fischer
Opening Reception 5.5.12, 7-11PM - 5.26.12

Just My Imagination: New Works by Danny Devine
Opening Reception 3.31.12, 7-10PM - 5.1.12

Lost, Found, Somewhere In Between: New Works by Michael Koehler
Opening Reception 3.3.12, 7-10PM - 3.24.12

I'm Not a Toy: New Toys by Chase McBryde
Opening Reception 2.4.12, 7-11PM - 2.25.12

Debutante: New Works by Marlana Vassar
Opening Reception 1.7.12, 7-11PM

No Parking No Touching: A Parking Chair Show
Opening Reception 12.3.11, 7-11PM - 12.31.11

Exile on Dufferin Street by Ryan MacKeen
Opening Reception 11.5.11, 7-11PM - 11.26.11

Stuff To Look At: New Works by Chris Smith
Opening Reception 10.8.11, 7-11PM

FunHouse of Terror: New Work by Brian Holderman
Opening Reception 9.3.11, 7-10PM // Closing Reception 9.24.11, 7-10PM

Soldiers as Travelers + Other Works by Ryan Woodring
Opens 8.6.11 // Opening Reception 8.13.11, 7-11PM
Closing Reception 8.27.11, 7-11PM

Consumed: A Solo Art Exhibition by Shawn Roberts
Opening Reception 7.2.11, 7-11PM // Closing Reception 7.29.11, 7-11PM

Wunderball: New Works by Anthony Purcell
Opening Reception 6.4.11, 7-11PM - 6.30.11

Gamma Gods: Recent Works by Jesse Best
Opening Reception 4.30.11, 7-10PM - 5.28.11

Kentucky Avenue School - Children's Art Show & Benefit

Demons & Deities: Oil Paintings by Shervin Iranshahr
Opening Reception 4.2.11, 7-11PM

RELEASE: Salon Style Art Competition
Opening Reception 3.12.11, 7-10PM

Coming Full Circle, 20 Years Later - Recent Work by Michael Walsh
12.18.10 - 1.28.11

Elastic Waste: Featuring the Works of Sam Flores, Blaine Fontana, Camille Rose Garcia, Damon Soule, and Joe Sorren

Magical Animals: New Works by Anthony Purcell

Invisible Walls, Invisible Children: New Works by Daniel Montano

Gold Frames: Featuring the Works of Joe Sorren & Glenn Barr

Shepard Fairey Printed Works