The Gallery 4 presents
"Full Spectrum Ahead" with Marion Di Quinzio & Carolyn Frischling

"Full Spectrum Ahead"opens Saturday, June 11th 2016 (Opening Reception will take place Saturday, June 11th) and runs through Saturday, July 30th 2016 (This exhibit will display for TWO months) at The Gallery 4 (206 S. Highland Ave., Shadyside, 412-363-5050). The Opening Reception will  take place Saturday, June 11th 2016  from 7pm - 11pm and will be opened to the general public with complimentary cocktails and refreshments provided by The Gallery 4. The Gallery 4 is open Tuesday through Saturday 1- 8PM.

The Gallery4 is so pleased to welcome Marion Di Quinzio & Carolyn Frischling!

Marion Di Quinzio was born in the Netherlands. After high school, she moved to the United States where she earned a B.S. from Carnegie-Mellon University and an MA from the University of Pittsburgh. She has lived and worked in six countries: the Netherlands, Venezuela, the USA, Germany, Suriname, and Hungary. In addition, she has traveled and worked extensively in Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Di Quinzio's refined, chromatic works first caught the attention of The Gallery 4 at our 2013 Annual Salon Show. You may also recognize Di Quinzio’s works from when The Gallery 4 hosted her solo exhibition, “Dancing Color” in 2013 (featuring a full catalog of works in her trademark style) and her contribution to this year’s annual Salon Show.

Inspired by the dynamic forms and limitless hues of nature, Di Quinzio extracts a fantasy from this vivid chaos - a peaceful, harmonious and vibrant place. This dream is reflected in the paintings to convey charged positive energy and wild spiritual freedom. The electric colors and stirring shapes become the theme. Each piece, regardless of its position or size on the canvas, has an enormous, disproportionate influence on the whole, thus becoming a metaphor for the ultimate realities of a metaphysical world.

Marion doesn't pre-plan her paintings prior to laying down oils onto linen; the process is very organic and intuitive. Marion allows for the colors and forms to entify the canvas. Each additional element is built upon this foundation of intensity. As the piece progresses, this process becomes more complicated as the number of variables increase.

With her latest works, Di Quinzio continues her experimental mode of harmonizing shape and color, new textures and movements into the unique fabric of her singular, brilliant vision.

Carolyn Frischling, a newcomer to The Gallery 4, studied oil painting with Robert Ault, one of the architects of art therapy. At Grinnell College, she studied drawing and printmaking under Bobbi McKibbin, graduating with a degree in French. She focused on making unique prints with Peter Marcus, Joan Hall, and Dawn Guernsey at Washington University in St. Louis, and graduated with an MFA in printmaking in 1993. In St. Louis, Carolyn was influenced by Dr. Gong Shu, a colleague of Robert Ault, art therapist, psychotherapist, and author. Carolyn started a family with her husband and moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During this time she aimed her artistry on playing Early Music on the harp. In 2009, Carolyn was accepted as a member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, a group begun in 1910, whose members have included artists Mary Cassatt, Phillip Pearlstein, and Andy Warhol. Carolyn has exhibited in Pittsburgh at Sewickley Gallery, Fein Gallery, Mendelson Gallery, Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery, Gallery13, LACDA, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, The Westmoreland Museum of American Art, PULSE! Art + Technology Festival at Telfair Museum of Art, and The Butler Institute of American Art. She will be participating in the 105th AAP Annual Exhibition at Carnegie Museum 2016.

“New Media enables me to use the same thought processes of traditional printmaking without the toxicity of using traditional materials on a daily basis,” says Carolyn. Carolyn uses 3D computer rendering and digital media to synthesize the precise vectors and neon hues of her printed works. The results though are neither gaudy, nor austere, but embody a lively and energetic approach to bringing the rich, conceptual pieces to life.

With this latest exhibition, artists Di Quinzio and Frischling bring their dynamic visions of contour and color together for a complementary collection that forges new and varicolored pathways full spectrum ahead!


The Gallery 4 is committed to redefining the nature of a conventional gallery. We feature works from a variety of national artists and local talent. We also carry a variety of limited edition toys and clothing. Fine art should be within the reach of everyone, and at The Gallery 4 we are making this a reality.

Pieces by Carolyn Frischling

"Convergence 5"

"Convergence 6"

"Convergence 9"

"Convergence 15"

"Convergence 21"

"Convergence 22"

"Quidditas #selfie I"

"Quidditas #selfie II"

Quidditas #selfie III"

Pieces by Marion Di Quinzio

"and who came up with that brilliant idea?

"and you waited until now to tell me?"

"between a rock and hard place"

"even kisses drop the ball sometimes"

"hat trick"

"into what square hole?"

"just goes to show you that peddling faster doesn’t always do the trick"

"no, definitely not"

"not if you keep reminding me……"

"now, where did THAT come from?"

"ok, i get the point"

"oh yeah, you and what army?"

"on the count of three………..let go"

"sometimes the cherry is at the bottom"

"there’s always one……….."

"try it, you’ll like it"