The Gallery 4 presents
"LIVE WIRES" New Metal Sculptures by Dino Deluliis

"LIVE WIRES" New Metal Sculptures by Dino Deluliis at The Gallery 4 (206 S. Highland Ave., Shadyside, 412-363-5050). EXTENDED! NOW THROUGH OCTOBER 27th and is open to the general public. The Gallery 4 is open Tuesday through Saturday 1- 8PM .

The Gallery 4 is very pleased to welcome Dino Deluliis. Deluliis is a Pittsburgh based freelance artist and illustrator with a background in elementary art instruction, teaching in the Pittsburgh Public Schools, Colorado District 11 Schools, and Cherry Creek Schools. You may be familiar with Dino’s sculptural works via The Gallery 4’s most recent annual group exhibit, The 2016 Salon Show - from which this series of sculptures made their debut. The three dimensional sculptures, some of welded steel, many of twisted steel wire; call to mind simple ink sketchbook doodles conjured into spatial reality.

The sculptures are minimal and dynamic: A canine form pauses to look in the distance. A big cat, ready to pounce. An old soul leans upon a walking stick. Brief scribbles of a moment captured in cold hard steel. But not cold, not hard. Warm, malleable, and often still connected to the spooled wire of which the entire piece is created.

Dino’s background in teaching and his experience as a parent certainly seems to lend a whimsy and playfulness to the works - resembling both children’s drawings as well as oversized toys. His personal hobbies of martial arts and horsemanship though suggest his respect for flowing forms and an understanding of anatomical subtlety. “I love to make art, however, that is not why I do it. It is more a matter of compulsion, I create because I must. It is a selfish endeavor that I pursue vigorously! I love to draw, paint and sculpt.” says Deluliis. His sentiments are clear in these sculptures. And perhaps this continual hot pursuit is what connects Deluliis works with that spark of vitality that sets these wires live.

Deluliis, on the works:

"I began these wire scribbles on a lark. I wanted to see if I could sculpt a free standing piece from one roll of wire, without cutting it. So I started a horse at the nose, ended at the tail, became very intrigued with it all, and compulsion took over!"

Dino Deluliis currently resides Pittsburgh, P A and is the happily married father of two daughters.


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Pieces by Dino Deluliis

"Get Up"

"Hang On"

" Arabian"

"Hound Dog"


"Loyal Companion"

"Old and Bent"

"Big Cat"

"Elephant in the Room"


"Steven Jones"


"Lofty Thoughts"

"Rusty, Out to Pasture"


"Wary Horse"

"Tree and Wire Swing"