Miller McCormick

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Miller McCormick is a Designer and Illustrator and a Pittsburgh native. He recently received his BFA in Graphic Design from the Pennsylvania State University and is currently devoted to freelance work and entrepreneurial ventures. His body of work is recognized for its strong sense of concept and eccentric aesthetics. McCormick's images are powerful, provocative, and full of whimsy. He challenges conventional image-making by blurring the lines between digital construction and handcraft. Inspired by (insert historic-perverted-pop artpresidential themes here) ephemera, McCormick never fails to incorporate a personal touch, and always keeps it a little funky. When not designing or illustrating, McCormick can be found designing or illustrating; so get ready, this self-starter is on the rise.

With Layers, Miller wishes to reveal to the viewer a unique image making process which he has developed and refined in recent years. His tools are simple: an outdated scanner/copier, a well worn light table , and ink printing overlays. As each layer of ink is laid down for the final print, so too are the principles of his process: Though Miller is a thorough designer, he allows chance and serendipity to form the central vision. Physically overlaying the images allows for further experimentation as incidental marks and flaws enhance the character of each piece. Lastly, the use of found materials, elements of collage, and other hand embellishments distinguish Miller's finished works.

Select Images from Layers:

Andrew Abe George
Dalinda #1 Lenny Dalinda #2
Redhead #1 Redhead #2 Redhead #3
Red Face #1 Audrie Misses
Untitled #1 Untitled #2 Untitled #3
Condiment King #2 Gretta Condiment King #1