The Gallery 4 presents
"R|EVOLVE" New Works by Crystal Latimer

"R|EVOLVE" New Works by Crystal Latimer opens Saturday, January 14th, 2016 and runs through Friday, February 25th, 2017 at The Gallery 4 (206 S. Highland Ave., Shadyside, 412-363-5050). The Opening Reception will take place Saturday, January 14th, 2017 from 7-11PM and will be opened to the general public with complimentary refreshments and cocktails provided by The Gallery 4. The Gallery 4 is open Tuesday through Saturday 1- 8PM .

The Gallery 4 is pleased to welcome Crystal Latimer. Crystal Latimer is a multi- disciplinary artist primarily working in the two-dimensional mediums of painting, drawing & collage, but has also extended her recent practice to include ceramic tile. Crystal’s academic studies have been based out of Western Pennsylvania, obtaining her BFA from Slippery Rock University in 2010, an MA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in 2013, and wrapping it up with her MFA from IUP in Spring 2016.

Crystal’s work has recently been published in the December 2015 Issue of Fresh Paint Magazine and featured on Dear Pittsburgh. Regionally, her work has been shown at Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery, UnSmoke Systems, and 937 Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA. Her international experience includes a group show in Hong Kong, China, as well as an Artist Residency at the Joaquín Chaverri Fábrica de Carretas in Sarchí, Costa Rica, both in the year 2014. Crystal was selected for an Emerging Artist Award at Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Arts Festival in 2016, where she was also presented with a Juror’s Choice Award. Currently, Crystal’s work is on display at the Pittsburgh International Airport until February 2017.

Latimer, on "R|EVOLVE" -

"My body of work exists as an evolving exploration into hybrid identity. It ruminates upon the Western influence on Latin culture, treading similar-to-same water, but reaching new depths with each dive.
The national socio-political preoccupation of the last year has brought identity, again, to the foreground of my thoughts. Yo soy Latina. However, there is a new emphasis on the last syllable, the “a”, the femininity of it. Understanding hybrid identity and its coexistence within historical context, does not assume a position in words, but in shape. I responded on canvas, wooden panel, and paper. A fluid stream of dichotomies took form; Latin|Western, Feminine| Masculine, Organic|Contrived. These dichotomies appear in metaphor, through color, form, and medium. Vibrant Latin hues are diluted by a Western white. Organic, blooming forms are contrasted by flat or rigid fields. Masculine, decisive, graffiti tags are flanked by the fragility of hesitant form. Background, coming into foreground. Again, treading on identity: Latin, female. R|EVOLVE considers these two subcultures and questions to what extent are we impacting their role in history? Are we continuing to evolve, or are we revolving around the same issues? To this, R|EVOLVE does not clarify an answer, but ruminates on this process."



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Pieces by Latimer

"The Foe | La Flor"

"The Foe | La Flor 3"

"The Foe | La Flor 4"

"The Foe | La Flor 5"

"de Flores y Graffiti"

"The Spaniards even swept out the seams with brooms"

"Sarchí y Puebla Claimed 2"

"Rosado y Oro"

"Rosado y Otomi"

"Blanco y Otomi"

"Lineas de Oro"

"Mezclado one"

"Mezclado two"

"Cerro Rico, Potosi"

"Mezclado three"

"Mezclado four"

"Mezclado five"

"Mezclado six"

"Shades de Blanco"