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Artist Biography:
Ryan Woodring, born and raised in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, graduated in 2010 from Carnegie Mellon University where he studied Fine Arts and French. Since graduating, he has worked as a freelance animator for such projects as Doug Cooper’s Pinburgh and as a mural artist and painter. He was nominated for Pittsburgh Center for the Art’s Emerging Artist of the Year 2012 and won Best Emerging Artist at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in June of 2011. Soldiers as Traverlers is Ryan’s first solo show and he is proud to present two developing series: Soldiers as Travelers and Drying: Tsunami Youtube Monoprints.

On Soldiers as Travelers:
"Soldiers as Travelers, a series of mixed media paintings on paper, linen, and wood focuses on the relationship between outfitted men and the unidentifiable landscapes to which they submit their final moments. I have chosen to plant their ominous portraits amongst nature's vast displays of anonymity. In separating the soldier from his mission, his battle is no longer waged against other human beings, but the human condition of uncertainty and mortality.

A soldier’s mission ties him or her to a certain land but also isolates him from it by making it a place in which distances are measured in relation to a human enemy. The soldier rarely fights in his backyard, is seldom surrounded by the people that make up his normal life, and yet often finds himself in someone else’s fields passing someone else’s grazing sheep or sleeping pets.

Having no war experience and no political message to convey, this series, while paying homage to the precious lives that are lost during a conflict, is more focused on the poetics of a human on a defined mission. The certainty of this mission is placed in contrast with those things that are unconquerable: not a human enemy but time, a fading memory and a magical, uncolonized sky. "

Soldiers as Travelers

A Pilot Lands Amongst Missed Targets. Tiergarten Shonbrunn Zoo, Vienna. 1945 A Soldier Walks Home. Resaca de Guerrero. 1846. A Spooked Horse Smells Gunpoweder. South Dakota. 1890.
A Ticketless Ride. Crewless Ship Comes Ashore. Chittagong. 1950. Scattered Vestiges
Postcards for Sale. Afghanistan. 2011.    

Drying: Tsunami Youtube Prints

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6g7qrA-6k. "Video of Japan tsunami engulfing fishing port." Seconds 9 to 15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EeX-KbkuMY. "Japan Tsunami !!! VIDEO FULL." Seconds 4:47 to 4:54. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-zfCBCq-8l. "New dramatic video: Tsunami wave spills over seawall, smashes boats, cars." Seconds 1:11 to 1:16.