The Gallery 4 presents
"SALON SHOW 2015" Our Annual Group Exhibition & Competition

"SALON SHOW 2015" opens Saturday, April 4th 2015 and runs through Saturday, April 25th 2015 at The Gallery 4 (206 S. Highland Ave., Shadyside, 412-363-5050).The opening reception will take place Saturday, April 4th 2015 from 7-11PM and will be opened to the general public with complimentary cocktails and refreshments provided by The Gallery 4. The Gallery 4 is open Tuesday through Saturday 1- 8PM.

The Gallery 4 has entered it's 5th year of business(!) and we are so pleased to have been able to work with so many talented artists. In keeping with this tradition, The Gallery 4 has hosted a salon style competition to search for up and coming artists.

Artists whose pieces reflect the gallery's particular aesthetic were selected to take part in a juried group exhibition. Artists will then be appointed and presented with the opportunity to hold their own exhibition at The Gallery 4. Selection was determined at the The Gallery4 's discretion and dependent on skill level, design sense, originality, polish, and personal taste.

After reviewing hundreds of works from talented artists (both local and afar) skilled in a broad spectrum of disciplines, The Gallery 4 is proud to exhibit these pieces in a unique exposition which celebrates our 5th Anniversary. The Gallery 4 presents The 2015 Salon Show!

This years exhibit will showcase the following artists

Madeline Reed Finn   • Joey Rocket   •   Susie Humphrey   •   Ben Patterson   •   Gerardo Garduño   •   Jeremy Raymer   •   Gary Henzler
Masha MouseBones Vereshchenko   •   Tom Clayton • Bonnie Gloris  Jeremy Beightol   •   Joe Perri   •   Masha Fikhman   •   Dawn Pogany   Chris Galiyas   •   Lizzee Solomon   •   Kyle A. Adams   •   Patrick Landeck  •   Nicolena Loshonkohl

Along with welcoming all the newcomers, a few familiar faces will be returning to share some of their current works:

Anthony Purcell   •   Theodore Bolha   •   Marlana Adele Vassar   •   Alessandra Sulpy   •   Hannah Grace Clark
Michael Koehler   •   Ashley Hickey   •   Jason Woolslare


Thank you to all of our Artists, Friends, Fans, Collaborators, Colleagues and Guests for FIVE wonderful years. Please join us in celebrating!


The Gallery 4 is committed to redefining the nature of a conventional gallery. We feature works from a variety of national artists and local talent. We also carry a variety of limited edition toys and clothing. Fine art should be within the reach of everyone, and at The Gallery 4 we are making this a reality.

"Level 1-1 by Kyle A. Adams"

"There is a Kingdom by Jeremy Beightol"

"The First Wet Spring Day by Hannah Grace Clark"

"Untitled Abstract" by Tom Clayton

"Yemaja" by Masha Fikhman

"Beehive" by Madeline Reed Finn

"Genius" by Chris Galiyas

"The Celebration with Piñata" by Gerardo Garduño

"The Little Seer" by Gerardo Garduño

"Masquerading" by Bonnie Gloris

"Maryland Blues' Brush" by Gary Henzler

"Maryland Blues" by Gary Henzler

"Blossoming, Building, Rising, Running Set" by Ashley Hickey

"Blossoming" by Ashley Hickey

"Building" by Ashley Hickey

"Rising" by Ashley Hickey

"Running" by Ashley Hickey

"Butterfly Bottle" by Susie Humphrey

"Lantern" by Susie Humphrey

"The Creator" by Michael Koehler

"The Fool" by Michael Koehler

"Wolfhawk" by Pat Landeck

"The Reunion" by Lena Loshonkohl

"Hill Side" by Joe Perri

"Pink Wave" by Joe Perri

"Homeless Vets and Shopping Carts" by Ben Petterson

"Tempestuous" by Dawn Pogany

"Welcome Home" by Dawn Pogany

"Alien Ascension" by Anthony Purcell

"Barfing Geometry" by Anthony Purcell

"Symmetry City" by Anthony Purcell

"The Hunter's Son" by Anthony Purcell

"The Corporal" by Jeremy Raymer

"The Plums" by Joey Rocket

"How Many Licks" by Lizzee Solomon

"Florid" by Alessandra Sulpy

"Augustine" by Marlana AdeleVassar Media

"She Was a Child" by Masha MouseBones Vereshchenko

"Archer and Company" by Theodore Bolha

"Simultaneous Thoughts" by Theodore Bolha

"Indescribable" by Theodore Bolha

"Don't Listen to Her" by Theodore Bolha

"…AND YA DON’T STOP" by Jason Woolslare

"YES, YES, Y’ALL" by Jason Woolslare

"YES, YES, Y’ALL" 2 by Jason Woolslare


"Tar" by Jason Woolslare