Marlana Vassar

Debutante: New Works by Marlana Vassar. Drawings and Paintings at The Gallery 4. Opening Reception 1/7/12, 7-11 PM

Marlana Vassar graduated in 2006 from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in Studio Art. Initially, she focused her energy towards sequential art and console game design. After several twists and turns, she followed her heart, developed her style and found passion in intimate and deeply personal expression though her art. While lacking formal training as a painter, Marlana's gift for expression and illustration is evident by her surrealistic images - complex yet concise; intriguing yet familiar.

Since 2007, Marlana's work has been showcased nationally in galleries and museums, including the Franklin Institute, The Melega Museum, and The Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts in Grand Rapids, MI. Her accolades include 1st Place and Patron's Choice in Philadelphia's “Art of I ” Exhibition 2008; and was recently awarded “2011 Artist of the Pike,” a special recognition given annually to art educators in Western PA. In addition, Marlana placed 1st in the Molson Coors Brewing Company's 2008 “Art of Beer” advertising campaign.

With "Debutante," Marlana explores the cyclic journey of self discovery, of finding hope through tragedy, of gaining understanding through personal struggle, of finding a niche. "Debutante" reflects a shift in Marlana's artistic style, two years of creative evolution. With less focus on figurative study and more emphasis on relationships, Marlana allows the viewer a glimpse of the unique satisfaction of true freedom.

Marlana, on her work:

"One of my beliefs is that life is about the journey, and not the destination. With each piece I start out with a crisp concept, and through each sitting the image will get further away from what I originally intended. Eventually, I'll finish with a piece containing deep personal meaning, so with each creation there is a meditative exercise involved. The drawing/painting process as well as colors, textures and shapes are very important as well, since my original influence was Art Nouveau. As I've progressed in my artistic journey, my primary focus concentrates on symbolism and surrealism. Now I incorporate various themes, objects, text and figures in an imaginary environment to make my dreams a reality."

Images from Debutante:

28 A Caste 28 B
Meaningless Words Chin Up! Fading Memories
Silenced ICu Untitled
Inner Conflict Filigree Self-Portrait of My Cities
After Party Visceral Tree Peace